Bus Schedules

2008 - 2009

Route #1 Purple - West Milton


Starts at 6:05 A.M.- on Gold St in Farmington . The bus starts at the Milton/Middleton Town line and travels down Gold St to Waldron Cross Rd and onto Rt. 153.

6:12-The bus travels north on Rt. 153 to Dames Brook and Ernst Rd picking up students to the town line. The bus continues up Rt 153 until taking a right onto Governor's Rd.

6:22 -Heads up Mason Rd and turns around, heads back to Governor's Rd. and turns right onto Thurston Rd.

6:30-Bus turns left onto Hare Rd . Proceeds down Hare Rd to Briar Ridge.

6:35-Right into Briar Ridge, on to Sleeping Bear.

6:40 -Returns to Rt 75, turns right into Farmington, to West Milton Rd. Turns right onto WestMilton/Park Place. Picks up students to the 4-way intersection.

6:50-Right onto Hare Rd. to Rt 75, Continues to school, picking up along Rt. 75.


Rt. 75 to Turn around. Sleeping Bear, Jennifer and Briar Ridge.

Hare Rd. to Thurston, onto Governor's Rd. and Mason. Back to Governor's Rd. to Rt 153 to Waldron Cross Rd. and Gold St.

Turn and return to Rt. 153 to West Milton/Park Place. Finish and head to Elementary school.



Starts at 7:40AM back on Gold St . The bus travels down Gold St to Waldron Cross Rd.

7:45- The bus then takes a left onto Rt. 153. The bus travels to Dames Brook, northward to Ernst Drive, and continues to Sunrise Lake. Turns right onto Governor's Rd.

8:00- Bus continues along Hare Rd.

8:07- The bus follows Hare Rd. to Briar Ridge, taking a right onto Briar to Sleeping Bear. The bus travels down to Sleeping bear to Rt. 75. The bus turns right onto Rt. 75 to the Milton/Farmington line.

8:15- The bus then continues to West Milton Rd/Park Place up to the 4-way intersection.

8:25- The bus turns right onto Hare Re. to Rt. 75. Heads up Rt. 75 picking up students along rt. 75 to Elm Street and into the elementary school.


Elm Street to Rt. 75, to the Farmington Line. Turn-a-round back, to Sleeping Bear, Jennifer, Briar Ridge to Hare Rod.

Hare Rd. to Turston to Governor's Rd. to Rt. 153.

Left onto Re. 153 to Waldron Cross to Gold Street. Back to Rt. 153 to West Milton Rd. Drop on Park Place.




Route #2 Blue - South Milton


Starts at 6:10 AM  in Evergreen Valley . The bus goes through Evergreen Valley to Winding Rd. and down to Heron Circle . The bus circles and heads back out and into Evergreen Valley and out to Rt. 75.

6:23-Traveling up Rt. 75 to Governorís Rd, the bus then turns right onto Governorís Rd to Thurston Rd. Turns left onto Thurston Rd and Hare Rd-but does not pick up students on these two roads.

6:30-The bus continues across Rt 75 to Nutes Rd. Travels down Nutes Rd , taking a left onto Cross Rd/McKeagney Rd.

6:3 -At the end of Cross Rd the bus turns right onto Old Wakefield Rd to the railroad crossing.

6:40-The bus then takes a left onto Rt. 125, travels through town to Teneriff Rd.

6:48-The bus takes a left onto Tenneriff.

6:50 -Takes a left onto Ford Farm Rd. where it continues to the end of Ford Farm Rd.

6:55-The bus then takes a right onto Silver St. and travels up Silver St. to the entrance of Winding Rd, where it turns around and heads to the high school.

Afternoon is Silver Street to the beginning of Ford Farm, and then onto Winding Rd. and continues the same as the morning.


Starts at 7:22 AM on Silver Street and travels up to Winding Rd.

7:27 -The bus turns left and heads down and into Heron Circle .

7:29 -back up to Evergreen Valley Rd and out to Rt 75.

7:36-The bus picks up on Rt 75, and takes a right up to Governorís Rd. and proceeds to Thurston Rd . The bus travels Thurston and Hare Rd but does not pick up students. The bus crosses over to Nutes Rd.

7:44-The bus travels to Cross Rd /McKegney down to the intersection of Old Wakefield Rd. and turns right, picking up Old Wakefield Rd at 7:45 to the town line.

7:57 -Turns at the railroad tracks and turns left onto Rt 125.

7:58-The bus then picks up along Rt. 125 to the Klassic Car Restaurant/

8:05 -Turns left onto Teneriff and travels to Ford Farm Rd.

8:15 - Picks up in Grandview (until Nov. 1) and proceeds into the school for 8:00.

Afternoon run Silver St to Winding and Evergreen-then same as A.M.



Route #3 Green - Milton Mills


Starts at 6:15 AM First stop is on Rt 109. The Bus travels 109 to Jughill Rd.

6:20- The bus then travels down Jughill Rd to the intersection of Hopper and Western Ave.

6:25-After picking up students at the intersection, the bus picks up at Highland Ave and travels into Milton Mills.

6:29-The bus then travels up Willey Rd to Guptill Rd, turning around at Guptill Rd and traveling back down Willey Rd to Applebee.

6:40-Picks up along Applebee and the Branch Hill Rd students before heading to Rt. 125, Arriving at the high school at 7:00.

Afternoon run is done in reverse.


Starts at 7:35 AM at Berry Rd. The bus travels Berry Rd, (first elementary school pickup) and then onto Rt. 109. Turns around at the line and back to Jughill.

7:50- Jughill Rd into the village of Milton Mills. Bus picks up students at the grange and the Milton Mills Library.

8:00-The bus then turns onto Willey Rd and picks up students to the turn around at Guptill. The bus then travels down Willey Rd back to the Village turning right onto Applebee.

8:05-The bus continues back down Applebee and turns left onto Rt 125. The bus will continue to the elementary school.

The afternoon run will be done in the reverse order.


Route #4 Red - Pineland Park and Rt. 125


Starts at 6:25A   at Rt. 125. Continues up Rt. 125 to Bolan Rd. and up to the Union Post office. It turns around and returns to Northeast Pond Rd.

6:37 -Continues to Sue Ellen Way . At Sue Ellen Way the bus turns around and heads back out to Rt. 125.

6:40-The bus then travels down Rt. 125 to Townhouse Rd picking up students at Micah Terrace, backs in and turns around

6:45-The bus turns onto Vachon Drive and into Pineland Park .

6:47-The bus stops at the two stops in the Park and then returns to Rt. 125 via Vachon Drive and Townhouse. The bus takes a left onto Rt. 125 to the high school.

 The afternoon run is done in the reverse order.  




Starts at 7:40AM The bus travels up Rt. 125 to Bolan Rd. and up to the Union Post office where it turns around. The bus then returns to Northeast Pond Rd.

7:55-The bus travels down Northeast Pond Rd. to Sue Ellen Way where it turns around and back out to Rt. 125, to Townhouse Rd.

8:05 - Picks up at the entrance to Micah Terrace. 

8:07-The bus picks up in the back of Three Corners Variety Store, and then heads into the park.

8:10-The bus makes 2 stops then heads back out to Rt. 125. The run ends at the railroad tracks.

8:20 -arrives at the elementary school.

The run is done in the reverse order in the afternoon. Inaddition, Route#4 transports the students to the Milton Children's Center in the afternoon.


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